Man Rescues Baby Deer From The Middle Of A Lake

Lyle Welsh and his family were enjoying an afternoon on the lake when they suddenly saw something thrashing in the water. As they got closer, they realized that it was a young deer struggling to stay above water. Without hesitation, Lyle jumped into the water and swam to the little one’s side.

baby deer rescue

Eventually, Lyle manages to get the frightened deer into the boat. On the way back to shore, Lyle’s dad dries the deer with a towel. And when the fawn realizes that the guys actually mean well, it calms down a bit.

baby deer rescue

Once boat reaches dry land, Lyle places the little one on the beach. The confused deer looks back at them briefly and then dashes into the forest.

It’s unclear how the deer got into the water, but it probably became frightened and sought refuge in the water. Now that the fawn is back on land again, I really hope it found its mother!

How lucky is it that these guys came by when they did? Thanks, guys, for helping this little fawn. You’re true heroes.

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