Inseparable Senior Dogs Refuse To Be Adopted Without Each Other

Three dog sisters, Mitzy, Lucy, and Winnie have lived together for most of their lives. The trio had a family until January when their owners realized they were no longer able to care for them. They were taken in by the RSPCA, and the dogs quickly made it very clear just how close they were. They did not want to go to a forever home unless all three were adopted together.

The three senior dogs are 9, 10 and 11, and have a combined age of 30, or 168 in dog years. The staff at the shelter realize that taking on three senior dogs is a tall order for many families. The three have been together so long, rescuers wouldn’t think to separate them at this point.

senior dogs live separately

“We know it will be difficult to find a home prepared to take on all three elderly dogs — but we don’t have the heart to separate them,” Zoe Barrett, deputy manager of the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich shelter, said in a press release.

The shelter said if enough time passes and they haven’t been able to find them a home together, it may consider adopting them out individually, but the shelter is hoping it won’t come to that. The dogs are incredibly sweet, and everyone who has worked with them has fallen in love with them, and desperately wants them to find a forever home together.

senior dogs live separately

“They are absolutely lovely, affectionate girls who have been together most of their lives,” Barrett said. “They’re playful and loving so we’d like them to go to a retirement home where they can play with each other before cuddling up for a nap together.”

The trio would prefer a home without cats or young kids and prefer older children. They love to take walks, and snuggle up together. They’re an incredibly easygoing little group, and just need a family who is willing to take a chance on them.

senior dogs live separately

“We know a lot of people are put off by adopting older dogs but these cheeky little terriers are still full of life and would be ideal for some families,” Barrett said. “They are the best of friends so if we can find someone who is willing to take on all three then that would be wonderful!”

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