Little Girl Feeds A Group Of Crows Every Day And What They Do For Her In Return Is Incredible

Many people love feeding the birds in their backyard garden. One little girl, who lives in Seattle, is luckier than most. She’s been feeding the crows in her garden for the last 4 years, and in return, the crows bring her sweet little gifts.

Gabi Mann, the eight-year-old girl who feeds the crows every day, has a bead storage container, and when she clicks the lid open, inside are her most precious possessions.

“You may take a few close looks,” says Gabi, “but don’t touch.”

Lying in the box, are rows of tiny objects that she’s placed in plastic bags. One of the labels reads: “Black table by feeder. 2:30 p.m. 09 Nov 2014.” And inside of the bag is a broken light bulb. Another of her bags has small pieces of smooth brown glass, worn by the sea. Gabi describes it as “Beer colored glass.”

Every single item in the collection is individually wrapped and categorized. And when Gabi pulls a black zip out of one of the labeled bags and holds it up she says, “We keep it in as good condition as we can.” Then she goes on to explain that the object is one of her favorites.

Other items include: a miniature silver ball, a black button, a blue paper clip, a yellow bead, a faded black piece of foam, a blue Lego piece, and the list goes on and on. Lots of the items are scuffed and dirty. It’s quite a peculiar assortment of objects for a little girl to be so fond of, but to Gabi these small ‘gifts’ are more valuable than gold.

These birds are truly incredible, as is this little girl, who seems to realize what a unique and wonderful relationship she’s developed with these crows during the course of her lifetime.


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