Dog-Walker Has The Most Clever Way To Make Owners Feel Safe While They Are Away…

Chris Iles of WalkPro LLC, walks and trains dogs of all kinds and helps them socialize and stay healthy.

And while he’s conscious of the needs of his pooches, he’s just as conscious of the needs of their humans, too. He knows that many people get anxious wondering what their dog is up to all day.

So Iles sends photos of his charges to their owners throughout the day to show them all the fun things their dogs are doing.

Check out some of the best ones below, and you might find yourself wishing you could hang out outside with dogs all day!

dog walker

These photos were provided by dog owner and Reddit user seanlee2013, who hates leaving his German shepherd, Shasta, at home, but is thankful for Iles’ attention and love.

“He loves these dogs and treats them so well,” seanlee2013 says. “We get pictures every day of their adventures.”

dog walker

And the photos are nothing short of perfect. The dogs hang out in a group, so they have plenty of socialization.

The group changes from day to day, too, depending on the individual dogs’ care schedules. But there’s always a group ready to play!

dog walker

The dogs get to go to parks and take in the scenery! These pups are well-trained to stay put, whether on a leash or not.

Iles is also a talented and experienced dog trainer, so he knows just how to properly care for his clients.

dog walker

Whether on foot or via car, these dogs know how to behave when they’re in the care of their walker!

dog walker

Iles balances play time and rest time so the dogs get exercise, but also plenty of lounging time. Because if dogs are good at anything, it’s playing and lounging.

dog walker

And how does Iles get these great photos? Well, despite dogs not being the best at posing for photos, he knows just how to bring out their photogenic side.

The only bad thing about this is the jealousy you might feel while sitting at your desk and knowing your dog is enjoying a perfect day in the sun.


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