Couple Dedicates Their Life To Adopting Senior Dogs And Giving Them The Most Comfortable Accommodations

The sad reality of senior dogs at the shelter, is that it’s harder to find them homes. This is all the inspiration that Chris and Mariesa Hughes needed to do something about it.  That’s when they began the The Mr. Mo Project, a non-profit that works to find homes for senior rescue dogs all over the country.

The couple have always been avid rescuers, so naturally they welcomed a ton of dogs to their own home, seven and counting! This caused a bit of a problem, however, they had too many dogs to let them sleep in their bed.

The solution to this issue was actually quite simple!


There was just one little problem: all of those pups needed space!


So they came up with a simple solution…


Now that’s one heck of a cuddle party!


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