Little Girl Caught On Camera Trying To Sneak Her Puppy Off To School In Backpack

Alice, who lives in Brazil, was just about to get on the school bus recently when her father Flávio Leanderson noticed something off about her backpack. Something inside was moving and that’s when he started making a video. She tried to sneak her furry friend along!

sneaking puppy to school

Alice casually zipped up the bag like nothing at all was amiss.

“Take a look at this. No, ma’am, open your backpack,” Leanderson is heard saying. “Are you taking the dog to school, Alice?”

Yes, that was clearly Alice’s plan.

Despite having been caught, Alice tossed her backpack (now free of dogs) over her shoulders and continued on her way.

“Alice and her land of a thousand wonders,” Leanderson later wrote in summarizing the incident.

sneaking puppy to school

A kid can only dream of puppies at school.

sneaking puppy to school

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