Every Year This School Witness’s Something Amazing

Every year, a mother duck lays her eggs in a courtyard at Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, Oregon. The courtyard is boxed in by the building so there is no way out and so every year, the mother and her ducklings are led on a walk, through the school, to freedom.

The annual duck walk has become quite the occasion, and every kindergarten class in the school gathers to watch the ducks on their march.


Of course, there’s lots of cheering and plenty of gasping as the little cuties make their way down the halls.

They’re gently guided by a teacher, to make sure that no one strays from the group …

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… until they finally emerge outside.

Clearly the school must have made a great impression on the mother duck, because she keeps on coming back to that same spot. The teachers, staff and students definitely don’t mind though as long as she keeps on coming back, they’ll continue to welcome her and her babies with open arms.

Check out the full video of the duck family on their walk below:

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