New York Pizza Shop Puts Shelter Dogs On Pizza Boxes To Help Them Get Adopted

Niagara SPCA has teamed up with Just Pizza in Amherst to help get shelter dogs adopted! This weekend customers who order a pizza will find an adoptable friend on the front of their box. Just Pizza hopes the creative idea will inspire customers to share the shelter dog’s photo with their friends or even adopt themselves.

dog on pizza boxes

“We are always looking for ways that our business can give back, so when Niagara SPCA approached us about advertising their shelter dogs on our pizza boxes, it was a no-brainer. We hope our customers enjoy seeing the dog’s adorable faces as much as we do and that it helps these beautiful animals find the loving homes they deserve,” said Mary Alloy, owner of Just Pizza in Amherst.

dog on pizza boxes

Customers are encouraged to share their pizza boxes on social media. The more people who see the adoptable dogs, the better the chances of them getting adopted! Just Pizza is located at 2319 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst. Call 716-568-1000 to order a pizza today!

UPDATE! Just Pizza & Wing Co. Amherst, NY Location is so grateful for everyone’s support for the shelter animals that they have decided to offer an awesome incentive for those who adopt a dog from the pizza box flyer! Upon adoption, present your flyer to Niagara SPCA and receive a $50 gift certificate to Just Pizza in Amherst!

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