People Are Cuddling Cows For $300. Here’s Why

Can you imagine snuggling up with a massive farm animal? Most people are afraid of massive animals, but researchers are here to change your mind. Have you ever heard of cow cuddling? It’s the hottest trend at the moment, and experts say it’s a beneficial wellness method.

cow cuddling therapy

Spending time with animals lowers stress levels as reported by PubMed. This concept is awkward for some people, but it’s a brand new therapy that makes us remember similar programs that were really popular in the past. Goat or cat yoga. Rings a bell?

Doing yoga with a cow is really challenging, but cuddling with a 1,000-pound cow will do wonders for your mental well-being.

Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York invites visitors to try the “Horse & Cow Experience.” Individuals are given a chance to spend some time with large animals, and they can also pet or brush animals. If you don’t like to play with cows, you can just cuddle with them.

The body temperature of cows is higher than ours and have a lower heart rate. Cuddling with cows provides a relaxing experience as explained on Mountain Horse Farm’s website.

Cuddling with animals has shown to reduce stress and help us bond with nature. According to Mountain Horse Farms, horses and cows have a special body language to communicate with humans. They can feel your happiness, sadness or anxiety. These animals will respond to you without any judgment.

Spending time with animals provides relaxation, healing, awareness, comfort, and mindfulness, and helps you improve your assertiveness and confidence. Say ‘goodbye’ to your fears.

A 90-minute Horse & Cow Experience session costs $300. If you like the cuddling part, you can get a 60-minute session for $75. You can invite your friends, too.

Mario Becker, an animal behavior experts talked about the new trend and its effect on cows. According to him, cows are escaped animals that aren’t “designed” to cuddle with humans.

However, facilitators at Mountain Horse Farm explain that their cows are loved and well treated. They explain that cows and horses live a normal life in herds as if they were living in the wild

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