Rescuers Are Surprised With Kitten Saved From A Raccoon Trap

Workers at the Austin Animal Center rescued Klaus from a raccoon trap in Texas. They though he was a 1-year-old kitten, but were later learned just how wrong they were!

Klaus  was found in a raccoon trap in a junkyard in Texas covered in dirt and grease.  He was severely underweight when the Austin Animal Center decided to take the poor little guy in.

They estimated that Klaus was probably a year old, and thought he might be feral. After only a few days at the shelter, he began to warm up to his caretakers!

After he was examined by the vet, the AAC workers weren’t surprised when they were told he was anemic. They were however, shocked to learn that he was really nine years old!

The AAC found a foster Klaus, and they hope that his health will improve and he’ll begin to put on weight. So far he’s been resistant to bathing, but they hope once he’s comfortable being handled, they can scrub him up!

Nobody’s quite sure what his life was like before he was rescued, but they are hoping to find him a forever home.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting him, you can contact the AAC and find him using the ID number A740561.


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