Rescuer Pulls 8 Stray Puppies From A Cave, Then Looks Back And Screams That There’s One More

Rescuers with Hope For Paws save desperate and sick animals every day and often catch the good work they do on camera. Some of these rescues are absolutely exhilarating, and it’s amazing to see to what lengths these compassionate humans go to for our furry friends.

So when they got a call about a litter of six puppies living in a cave, they simply had to investigate.

Sure enough, shortly after arriving at the location, they spotted the puppies all taking shelter, away from the strangers. They managed to lure a few with food, and they were quickly placed safely away from the cave.

The others proved to be a little more difficult to extract from the tight space. They fussed and screamed but soon realized that they were in safe hands once in the arms of their rescuers.

Just when they thought that all the puppies were saved, one of the rescuers yelled that there was still one more hidden all the way in the back of the cave. This required some digging, and so they made a hole just big enough for one of the men to slide into, and then to be pulled back out.

It took a little time, but that last puppy was finally reunited with his brothers and sisters! Now all the puppies are happy and healthy, waiting to be adopted.

Rescuers are also still searching for the puppies’ mom. Hopefully, with some luck, she will join her little ones!

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