Mom Tucks Toddler In With Baby Sister For Nap, Then Dog Cuddles Up Right Next To Them

The bond between a child and his or her dog is unlike anything else in the world — especially when a baby is born into a family that already has a dog. If the two grow up together, they’ll inevitably create many special memories together.

That’s certainly the case for Jessica Shyba’s kids and their pup, Theo.

Jessica, a mom of five human babies and two fur babies, runs the blog Momma’s Gone City, where she chronicles life with her big family. She first rose to prominence online when she began sharing posts and Instagram pictures of her son Beau’s friendship with Theo and their side-by-side naps. She even turned their adorable bond into several books!

But Beau and Theo being as close as a boy and a dog could possibly be doesn’t mean that the dog isn’t just as fond of Jessica’s other children!

In a sweet post shared to Facebook on July 4, 2017, Jessica captured a brief clip of two of her younger kids napping. Toddler Evangeline (nicknamed “Evvie”) and baby Demi were snuggled up close together, cozy as can be. Right next to them: an also-sleeping Theo.

The protective pup even had his front-left paw draped over Evvie!

According to Jessica, she tucks them in close together, but they find “their own little comfy positions.”

This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week!

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