6-Year-Old Girl Finds A Boxer Who Was Left To Die In A Concrete Grave

In the Waterside area of Londonderry, in the U.K., Cara, a six-year-old girl was playing near her home and heard a noise coming from a concrete hole in the ground.  When she looked into the dark hole, she saw an emaciated dog.  The dog, a boxer, was blind, had cracked teeth and an infected uterus. The dog had been used to breed and then thrown in the hole to die.

The little girl ran home, and told her father Kenny, what she found. He immediately took action.

cara rescues bella 1

cara rescues bella 2

Kenny couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel. The dog was tossed in a “concrete grave” covered with wooden planks held in place by heavy rocks so she couldn’t escape.  It was obvious this poor blind boxer had been dumped into the hole to die.

cara rescues bella 3

Cara and Kenny rescued the dog and, even in her terrible state, she was still ready to love.  This poor dog was completely starved and had cracked teeth.

Kenny said, “We are a family of animal lovers and have a dog ourselves, so we took her home with us and gave her a tin of food, which she gulped down in under 15 seconds. We kept her at home that night and let her sleep on the sofa because she was clearly exhausted and distressed. In fact, my 15-year-old son Ethan slept on the other sofa to help her settle before we contacted the Rainbow Centre.”

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre rescues and re-homes abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

cara rescues bella 4

The Centre immediately got the boxer, now named Bella, the medical care she desperately needed. Vets discovered that Bella had an infection in her uterus due to overbreeding. She was discarded by a horrible person when she could no longer birth puppies.

cara rescues bella 5

The Centre quickly realized that despite the nightmare she endured, Bella was still loving and affectionate.

cara rescues bella 6

When the Centre posted Bella’s story online, it reached more than 450,000 people. There was overwhelming support for Bella from all over the world.

Her foster family gave her a comfy bed and warm food…

cara rescues bella 7

…and pictured above is the moment Bella was introduced to her forever family. It was love at first sight.

cara rescues bella 8

Sadly, Bella passed away in 2015, but her last year of life was full of love and happiness.  Bella died in peace, surrounded by her loving family, thanks to Cara, a curious, quick-thinking little girl.

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