Homeless Woman Walks 3 Miles To Rescue An Abandoned Dog Who Was Tied To A Pole In The Park

When Lisa Snyder came across abandoned Joey, she had no idea of the circumstances that would unfold. Joey, a sweet-natured Pointer mix, had been tied to a pole for hours until he broke free. Then Lisa, herself homeless, found him when he was scared, shaken, and snapping at strangers. But Lisa showed him kindness. The events that followed became the incredible story of Joey’s rescue.
dog rescued by homeless woman
The video describes Lisa’s three-mile walk through the night to secure Joey’s safety, and Joey’s brand new home with a welcoming family. The greatest surprise was the gift that was given to Lisa by the community of San Pedro, California – you won’t even believe it! “I did what I was supposed to do,” says Lisa. “And it let right down the path where it was supposed to go.”
dog rescued by homeless woman
Lisa was incredibly blessed by the generous gift from her community. But to Joey, Lisa was like a gift from heaven. For Lisa, Joey was a metaphor – pulling through for Joey represents how we should pull through for others who are in need. Thank goodness for selfless-hearted people like Lisa.


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