Dog Hates Getting His Nails Clipped So Dad Cuts Holes In Purse For Clever Grooming Hack

There are a couple things most dogs hate: going to the vet and going to the groomer.

Although getting a makeover tends to be less traumatizing than getting checked out by the vet, it can still be scary for pups to see scissors or shavers getting close to their skin.

One of the worst parts of the whole grooming experience? Clipping their nails.

Most dogs absolutely despise getting their nails clipped — and really, why wouldn’t they? It’s scary to have big pliers coming toward your sensitive nail beds. Plus, it’s always difficult to explain to dogs that everything is going to be OK.

Kendal Peifer knows how much her dog hates getting his nails clipped. When her dad came up with a clever nail-cutting hack involving a purse and a chin-up bar, Kendal knew she had to share the brilliant grooming trick online.

On February 10, 2018, Kendal tweeted two photos of her dad cutting their dog’s nails.

Within just two days, her post had almost 50,000 retweets and over 209,000 likes.

nail clipper dog grooming hack

People were amazed by the dad’s brilliant idea.

Who would have thought to buy a purse, cut holes in it, and make a comfy harness for a dog?

nail clipper dog grooming hack

Once he finished making the purse harness, he put the dog into it to cut his nails.

nail clipper dog grooming hack

People everywhere loved the grooming hack, and they commented on the tweet with their thoughts.

One woman wrote, “HE GOT THE HEADLAMP TOO!!! such a dad thing omg dyin.”

nail clipper dog grooming hack

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote another person.

And a third person said, “Your dad is a genius and must be protected at all costs.”

nail clipper dog grooming hack

A number of people tagged their friends and family members, saying that they wanted to try this with their own dogs.

nail clipper dog grooming hack

Others knew that even this clever trick wouldn’t work for their dogs. Somehow, they’d find a way to get out.

What would happen if you tried something like this with your dog? (I know mine would definitely still freak out.)

Dads are truly geniuses. This seems like something only a dad could come up with!

Do you know a dad who would imagine a hack like this one?

nail clipper dog grooming hack

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