Workman Berates Woman For Leaving Pet In Her Car On Hottest Day Of The Year

A furious foul-mouthed row broke out yesterday over a dog trapped in a car on the hottest July day on record.

Darren Marsh filmed two women as they returned to their vehicle and immediately accused them of leaving the pet to suffer oven-like temperatures.

Darren, who owns a plastering business, claims the driver is a ‘piece of s***’ for leaving the dog.

The row gets more heated and culminates with a passenger in Darren’s vehicle calling one of the women a ‘fat c***’. 

woman leaves dog hot car

Darren Marsh had an argument with a woman who left her dog in her car, pointedly gesticulating with his ice lolly

Throughout, the women, who were filmed in Portsmouth, Hampshire, insist they left the dog for seven minutes and kept a window open.

The clip opens as the women return to their vehicle, which is baking in 32C heat. 

Darren, sitting in his vehicle and gesticulating with an ice lolly, opens with: ”Scuse me, love. That s***’s not on really, is it? Leaving your dog.’ 

The driver of the car replies: ‘What leaving my dog for seven minutes?’ 

Darren then exclaims: ‘It’s like an oven in there, would you like it if I left you in a car for seven minutes?’ 

The woman looks incredulous before insisting that she had left the window open, though Darren alleges she had not. 

As the woman gets into her car she asks: ‘What do you expect me to do?’ Darren replies: ‘Not leave your car in the summer love. What do you mean looking at me like I’m a piece of s*** – you’re a piece of s*** love for leaving that poor dog.’ 

woman leaves dog hot car

The little dog was left panting in the car and Mr. Marsh alleged the window had been left closed

woman leaves dog hot car

The argument between Darren and his passenger and the two women became more offensive as the women prepared to depart

woman leaves dog hot car

Plasterer Darran Marsh, pictured, opened with ”Scuse me love. That s***’s not on really, is it? Leaving your dog’ but the discussion did not remain that civil

The female passenger retorts: ‘What leaving it in the hot oven with the f****** window open?’ 

At this point, Darren explodes: ‘The window is not f***** open you f***** idiot.’ 

The two women continue to insist they had left the window open as Darren continues to berate them saying, ‘You’re cruel to animals you are […] I wouldn’t even treat my worst enemies like that.’ 

As the women prepare to drive away in the yellow mini Darren asks: ‘Do you have children? No? Lucky them, lucky them.’ 

Another voice in Darren’s car can be heard shouting: ‘Look at the size of you, you fat c***’ as they drive away.’

Yesterday police smashed a car window open in a Plymouth city-center car park to free a dog trapped in the scorching heat. 

Left yelping on his own during the hottest hours of the day between 2 pm and 4 pm, locals were appalled the pet had been left locked inside the vehicle. 

The dog bounded out as soon as he was freed, relieved to be in the cooler air, while his owners were less pleased as they returned to find their windows smashed. 

woman leaves dog hot car

In Leeds, yesterday shoppers in Sainsbury’s were asked which customer had left their dog stuck in a car as officers threatened to break their way in

And at a Sainsbury’s in Leeds and a Tesco in Cambridgeshire, shoppers were also left horrified by the sight of canines stuck in two sweltering vehicles yesterday.

An announcement was made over the tannoy at Sainsbury’s in Colton Retail Park after police spotted a dog trapped inside with the window only slightly ajar.  

Sgt Micklethwaite on Twitter: ‘In the space of fewer than 10 minutes the dog was starting to pant/overheat. Just don’t do it.’

Meanwhile in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, a border terrier was spotted by 19-year-old Rebecca Cox at a Tesco car park in Cromwell Road yesterday evening.  

The teen rang the police, but when she was on the phone the owner dashed back and drove off.

She claimed the dog was ‘panting and lying down’ while it was trapped inside and was gravely concerned for its safety. 

While it is not illegal to leave an animal unattended, if the heat of the car causes it to die or become unwell, owners could be prosecuted for animal cruelty. 

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