The Biggest Puppy Ever Is Rescued By The Local Shelter

Fluffy, is for sure, one of the largest puppies that rescuers at Dogs Trust have ever taken in, and she’s still growing.

Fluffy was found wandering the streets of North Devon, England, when she was brought in by the local dog warden. After waiting a week for someone to claim her, no one came forward.

shelter biggest puppy

The 10-month-old weighed in at just under 100 pounds and is a Caucasian shepherd, a massive working breed native to Russia and Armenia. The breed was once used to protect livestock from wolves and bears. Their size and strength give them the nickname “Russian Bear Dogs.

“She’s very lively, bouncy and playful,” Kayla Maryon, press officer for Dogs Trust said. “She loves toys and lots of fuss.”

shelter biggest puppy

Fluffy’s past is a mystery, but she does not bear any signs of trauma from her time on the streets and she’s healthy enough to be adopted out right away.

Trainers are working with Fluffy daily on skills like leash walking, which is especially important as she’s still learning her own strength. She seems to be catching on very quickly.

While the shelter is unsure of how big she will end up, adult Caucasian shepherds can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand at around 2 feet tall on all fours, which puts her at around the same size as a small Sumatran tiger. On her back legs, she’s already 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Because she is so big and has plenty of puppy left in her, the rescue is looking for an adult and teenage-only home for Fluffy that will be able to continue her training and give her plenty of daily exercises.

shelter biggest puppy

The rescue has received a flood of adoption inquiries about Fluffy, so they have put her on a temporary reservation to file through the many applicants.

“She would be perfect in a large home with someone who is around for most of the day,” Maryon said. “And especially someone with experience of large breeds who is prepared to put in lots of training.”

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