A Motivating Story That Stresses The Importance Of Adopting A Dog

While most dogs end up in homes, where they never have to worry about food or shelter, there are just as many that must endure a hard life on the streets or in the hands of an abusive owner. These dogs usually end up at adoption centers designed to improve their chances of being adopted into a better home. One such dog goes by the name of Peety. He was found alone in a backyard and sent to an adoption center where he was adopted by Eric — a middle-aged man who was on the verge of losing his life to obesity.

Eric saw a lot of similarities between himself and Peety. They were both overweight, middle-aged, and dealing with a sense of not belonging because of their condition. Their similarities drew them closer together with each passing day until they were inseparable. Peety’s can-do attitude inspired Eric to go on regular jogs, which eventually led to him losing all his excess weight and regaining full control of his health. In the end, Peety saved Eric’s life.


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