Woman Replaces Bouquets at Wedding With Rescue Puppies: ‘They Were a Huge Hit’

An Iowa woman replaced bouquets with rescue puppies for her wedding day in a bid to help the dogs find homes.

Samantha Clark came up with the idea to have the pups in her wedding after she saw another bride do the same thing on Pinterest.

“I originally wanted to use my own three dogs but decided that they already have love and a home so I decided I wanted to try to help rescue dogs,” Clark told InsideEdition.com.

Clark contacted a local shelter, A Heinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, to see if they had puppies that could be included, and they did.

The puppies were carried down the aisle at Clark’s Sept. 9 wedding by her bridesmaids. The bridal party also took pictures with the then 7-week-old dogs for Clark’s wedding photo shoot.

“They were a huge hit. The bridesmaids were ecstatic to hold them down the aisle. It all flowed very perfectly,” Clark said. “They were the best, well-behaved puppies I’ve dealt with.”

A book, which included pictures and biographies of other dogs at the rescue that are up for adoption, was also presented at Clark’s wedding. The rescue has reportedly received a plethora of adoption applications since then.

The puppies featured at Clark’s wedding are also now up for adoption.

Clark’s stepmother, Sarah Olson, said it was very much like her to want to have the animals present on her big day.

“The puppies were adorable and there was nothing that could more her to include in the day. She is such a dog lover and to incorporate these puppies was so Sam,” Olson told InsideEdition.com.

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