Millionaire Dedicates His Entire Fortune To Rescue Dogs Who Were Destined For Meat Farms

Millionaire Wang Yan’s beloved dog was stolen from him three years ago. It’s his belief that the dog was stolen with the intent of selling his four-legged best friend to a meat farm.

rescue dogs

He searched a slaughterhouse hoping to find his dog alive and what he saw there scarred him for life. It was at that point he knew that he would do whatever it took to prevent dogs from becoming food.

rescue dogs

After Wang bought an abandoned steel factory and converted it into a shelter, he rescued thousands of dogs. At present, there are roughly 200 dogs in the shelter. At times, there have been over 1000 dogs in the shelter. Saving all of these lives has cost Wang dearly.

Wang, made his fortune in the steel industry and at just 29 years of age, Wang has since lost all of it. He would happily lose it again if it meant saving dogs from meat farms.

rescue dogs

This incredibly compassionate human does not accept any monetary donations, nor does he charge adoption fees. He will only take donations of food and other supplies needed for the dogs.

His dedication to rescuing thousands of dogs from this unimaginable cruelty is heartwarming. Wang, you really are a true hero.


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