A Lost Dog Who Was Found On A Bus Is Happily Reunited With His Family

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Boston was found on a London bus by the driver, Amos Paul Mak, last Thursday night. The dog was sitting all alone in the pram and wheelchair area, seemingly abandoned. But it turns out that he had gotten separated from his family when out for a walk.

Mak posted a picture of the forlorn dog on Facebook in the hopes of finding the dog’s owner and the photo and story quickly went viral. At the time he said: “[The dog is] Affectionate enough but scared. Tried to move it onto another bus as the one its on is needed in service, [but] he won’t budge. Loves being rubbed around the head nice enough fella.”


Boston spent the night on the bus until animal control officers came the next day to take him to the shelter. He was looked after throughout the night by transit employees. After seeing him in the news, Boston’s owners recognized him as their lost dog. They had been searching all over for Boston after he went missing when they were on a walk.

“‘I was so happy I started crying. I thought we would never see him again,” Paulina Rybak said. “I felt very, very sad because he is part of our family.”

She said her two children (8 and 3 years old) were in tears after Boston went missing. They’ve had the dog since he was 6 weeks old. She had contacted the vet and Newham Council to tell them that her dog was lost but she saw his picture in the paper before anyone notified her. As soon as she saw his picture, she rushed to get him. “Now they are very happy and are with him now,” she said of Boston’s reunion with her family.


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