Elderly Man Spots Terrified Dog Trapped By Flood, Wades Into Thigh-High Water To Rescue Him

For many people in the Houston area, the prospect of Hurricane Harvey meant leaving their homes and precious belongings behind. However, some weren’t lucky enough to flee before the storm hit. The rising waters then made escape extremely difficult.

As was the case in the video below, some individuals were forced to flee and leave loved ones, whether to get supplies, help, or any number of other reasons

Daniel and Sandra Grumbacher are a pair of Houston residents who had to deal with Hurricane Harvey. You can see in the clip the shocking amount of water surrounding their neighborhood.

According to Daniel, the massive storm dropped two to three inches of water per hour in their area.

That’s why they were shocked when they peered outside and saw a dog across the flooded street. The canine seemed completely alone and at a loss for what to do other than walk across a stack of sandbags.

Daniel knew he had to act. He braved the rising waters to rescue the dog, which he and his wife cared for at home for three days until the owner returned.

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