Panda The Cat Guards Over Her Adoptive Mom’s Pregnant Belly

When Liel adopted a tuxedo cat named Panda, the two formed an instant bond. They did everything together. They played together, slept together, and cuddled together. But then Liel got pregnant.

For the next nine months, Panda continued following Liel around everywhere she went. But instead of focusing all her attention on Mom, Panda became enthralled with her growing belly. Whenever she got the opportunity, Panda would lay her head on Mom’s belly to ensure she was as close to the baby as possible. But what would happen once the baby was actually born? Would Panda lose interest or be jealous of all the attention placed on the newest family member?

Three months after Liel gave birth to her son Sean, she uploaded new photos of the new family dynamic — and the pictures went viral for good reason.

Scroll down to see what happened to Panda when baby Sean finally arrived…

panda adopts baby

Cats often get a bad rap. Many people think they’re aloof, bring bad luck, and are too dangerous to be placed anywhere near babies.

But one mom named Liel Ainmar Assayag is here to dispel this rumor.

panda adopts baby

The second Liel got pregnant, her two-and-a-half-year-old rescue cat, Panda, was nothing but loving and attentive.

panda adopts baby

When Liel first adopted Panda, the two became instantly bonded.

Panda was grateful to Liel for giving her a loving, happy home.

panda adopts baby

Throughout Liel’s pregnancy, the bonding continued, only now it was more about the growing baby inside.

Panda followed Liel around everywhere. Her favorite spot in the world was resting her head on mommy-to-be’s belly.

panda adopts baby

After the arrival of baby Sean, Panda was a bit confused at first. But she leaned close, smelled his skin, and realized that this was the baby she’d been waiting to meet all along.

Liel says Panda loved Sean and kept him safe for nine months inside — and now she does the same on the outside.

panda adopts baby

Panda isn’t allowed to go into the baby’s crib, but she loves to watch over him from a nearby bed.

“Every time I put the baby in the crib I can see lots of cat fur all over the bed,” says Liel.

panda adopts baby

“Cats and dogs are great companions for kids, and they can learn so much from them,” she told LittleThings.

“I saw people giving up on their pets once there is a baby in the family because they’re afraid the pet will hurt the baby. I wish people will stop doing that!”

panda adopts baby

At the end of the day, Liel hopes that her and Sean’s bond with Panda will inspire others to adopt their own pets.

“Pets are for forever, and that’s how they look at us.”

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