Cat Shows Up At Doorstep With Her Babies Looking For Help

A mother always knows what is best for her children and family — and the same is true for animals.

Recent events have led to the decision by a stray cat named Mama Ally that she’d had enough of the streets and brought her family to a location where she knew they’d be safe.

The mother cat and her two fluffy, white kittens waited patiently on the doorstep of a North Carolina family’s home, peering in through the glass as if they were expecting to be noticed.

cat shows up at doorstep with her babies

When the homeowner saw Mama Ally with her kittens, she immediately contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue for assistance, which they gladly provided. The rescue team was dispatched to apprehend the small family and transport them to safety. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for them to discover that Mama Ally had one more surprise in store for them — she was expecting a child!

cat shows up at doorstep with her babies

After reaching out to Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue and its founder Sarah Kelly to inquire about fostering Mama Ally, the rescue received a positive response. Kelly agreed right away to find the cat a comfortable place to live so that she could enjoy her final trimester in peace and quiet.

And when Mama Ally arrived, she made it a point to express her gratitude to her new family.

cat shows up at doorstep with her babies

As Kelly explained to The Dodo, “she was immediately seeking attention from her foster mother, Monica, the moment she was brought home.” “She likes to curl up in her lap, on her arm, or wherever she can get the closest to her!” says the mother. If she has left the house, she will spend the rest of the day sleeping on her shoes or wearing clothing that smells like her. She is a people person who enjoys affection.”

Weeks have passed, and Mama Ally has once again demonstrated why she is Mother of the Year.

cat shows up at doorstep with her babies

“She has the kindest heart,” Kelly said of her friend. “Having cared for her older kittens for such a long time and in such a caring manner while living on the streets and seeking assistance, she has demonstrated what a wonderful heart she possesses! She gave birth to her five children in the manner of a true rock star, and she has taken to lovingly caring for them as if she were the best mother in the world.”

cat shows up at doorstep with her babies2

Now that the older kittens in Mama Ally’s family have been adopted together, the only thing left is to find homes for Ally and her five new kittens. And it is Ally’s ability to recognize when it was necessary to seek assistance that has ensured their bright future.

“Mama Ally is doing fantastic and is soaking up all of the baby snuggles — as well as the TLC from her foster,” Kelly said of her foster daughter. “We couldn’t be happier for this family, who is receiving the second chances and happily-ever-afters that they so richly deserve,” says the author.