Dognappers Caught On Surveillance Video Stealing Puppy Over A Fence

Police in Texas is on the hunt for two men who were caught on surveillance video stealing a French mastiff puppy from a breeder’s yard in broad daylight over the weekend.

The video, shared online by Dallas firefighter and French mastiff breeder Matt Ivy, shows a black Cadillac SUV pull over in the 5100 blocks of Milam Road at 2.20pm on Saturday.

Two men get out of the vehicle and one of them walks up to a wire fence enclosing the property where two adult French mastiffs and a puppy are milling about.

dognappers caught on surveillance

Dognapping in progress: This screenshot from surveillance footage shows an unnamed suspect reaching down to steal a French mastiff puppy from a Mesquite, Texas, yard Saturday

dognappers caught on surveillance

Heartless: The pooch, a 10-week-old named Chipper, let out a yelp when the cruel thug lifted it by the scruff

dognappers caught on surveillance

At least two grown French mastiffs were standing nearby as the puppy was being taken

The suspect in a blue baseball cap, low-riding shorts, and white sneakers climbs the waist-high fence, reaches down and roughly grabs the puppy by the scruff, causing him to yelp in pain.

With the puppy tucked under his arm and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, the man briskly walks back to the SUV, jumps in along with his accomplice and the vehicle speeds off.

Ivy says the stolen puppy is a 10-week-old named Chipper who has an implanted microchip.

dognappers caught on surveillance

The suspect tucked the puppy under his arm and walked back to his and his accomplice’s Cadillac SUV

dognappers caught on surveillance

Adorable: The breeder says that Chipper (pictured left and right) is microchipped

dognappers caught on surveillance

The thieves seen in the CCTV footage might have ties to Lubbock or Amarillo, Texas

Since posting the surveillance video of depicting the dognapping on his Facebook page, it has been viewed more than 7.4million times and shared more than 218,000 times.

Ivy tells he first learned of the French Mastiff breed, also known as Dogue de Bordeaux, from the 1989 film Turner and Hooch starring Tom Hanks.

He has been raising the animals for sale at his Mesquite home for the past 15 years.

The thieves seen in the CCTV footage might have ties to Lubbock or Amarillo, Texas, according to the owner. A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to Chipper’s safe return.

A French Mastiff can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000, depending on the specific dog and the breeder.

A fully grown dog of that breed weighs more than 100lbs and has a life expectancy of five-eight years.

dognappers caught on surveillance

Chipper is pictured nibbling on the ear of a grown French mastiff named Dyson, left, and gnawing on a bone while sitting in the lap of his owner’s friend, right


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