Cat Finally Finds A Home After 12 Years At A Shelter

Worcester County Humane Society, rescued a sweet tabby kitten at 3 months of age, and slowly but surely, she became a permanent resident at the shelter.

The cat “Momma,” was still at the shelter after 12 long years!  

Patrick Campbell Priest, has always loved cats and dedicated his time to helping animals in need at his local humane society in Maryland. “I want to take them all home with me but that’s not very practical, so I bring myself to them,” he said. “They need someone to take care of them.”

That’s when Patrick developed a bond with one special tabby cat:  little Momma. He asked the shelter which cat had been there the longest, and that it was his job to give her a loving home.

“I just think they deserve a home at some point in their life,” Priest said. “As well as we try to treat them here, it’s still not the same as having the individual attention and the love they get in a home.”

Even though Momma is considered a senior kitty, she had no problems whatsoever making herself at home. “She walked in there like she owned the place and she’d been there her whole life,” he added.

A sweet photo of Patrick and Momma on the day she left, after 12 long years!

“Every time I see her, she looks at me and she starts purring,” he said. “She’s grateful to be in a home, but I’m grateful to have her because she brings me a lot of joy.”

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