He Wants To Know Which Of His Dogs Chewed His Shoe, And The Guilty Party Confesses In Adorable Fashion…

Some people like to talk to their dogs. None of us really expect a response, but sometimes get one anyway! In this video, Daniel Martino found a chewed insole. He finds his two dogs and asks them which one of them is responsible. It is clear from the moment the video starts who the guilty party is. The gray pit bull can’t even look at the insole.

We often give human emotions to dogs, so, it appears that the pit bull is guilty –and he knows it! The long-haired dachshund is looking at his human and at the insole with virtually no emotion. The pit bull can’t stand the interrogation and tries to hide behind the smaller Dachshund! A few moments later, it looks like the pit bull wants to try to hide in the potted plant!


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