Dog Who Heroically Saved New Owner’s Life Winds Up Needing New Home Again…

Citrus County Animal Shelter has a repeat visitor to their shelter named Dose. Dose had already spent a year in the shelter waiting for his forever home. When he finally found his new “forever” home and things were great; until his new human had a heart attack.

Dose saved his owner’s life by licking his face and reviving him long enough to call for an ambulance. Had Dose not been there, he may have just passed away on the floor. Unfortunately, now he is unable to care for Dose, and Dose is again looking for a home.

The shelter is hoping Dose’s story will inspire a new family. If you or anyone you know is willing to give him a second chance, please visit Citrus County Animal shelter’s website or their Facebook page. Please help this hero get into a real forever home, and share this message.

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