Blind, Battered Pit Bull Finally Gets His Forever Home

In 2013, Georgia Obenaus, CEO, and founder of Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center in Virginia Beach came across a homeless pit bull named Marco. It was clear Marco had been through hell and back. He had no hair, open sores, and a skin infection. He also had a bone where his tail was supposed to be.

There was one more thing of which Georgia wasn’t even aware when she first met him: Marco the pit bull was blind. “It’s difficult anyway to find a home for a blind dog and then it’s difficult to find a home for a bully breed,” she said.

No, Marco wasn’t exactly adaptable, but she took him in any way. And she made it her mission to find him a forever home.

With the help of the community, Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center collected the money they needed to pay for Marco’s eye surgery. People all over the country contributed to his funds. In November 2015, Marco was finally rid of his cataracts, and for the first time ever, he could see the world around him.

Georgia was sure this was exactly what Marco needed to make him a more “desirable pet” — but the perfect parents never came along.

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marco second chance

Three years ago, Marco, the pit bull was a battered and homeless dog. He had no hair, open sores, and a skin infection.

But the moment animal hero Georgia Obenaus saw him, she fell in love.

marco second chance

Georgia was surprised to discover that Marco was also blind.

Not only is Marco a “bully breed,” but as the CEO of Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center, she knew that having no eyesight would make Marco even less adoptable.

Still, Georgia was determined to find Marco the perfect forever family.

marco second chance

Thanks to the kind donations from people across the country, Marco recently underwent life-changing eye surgery.

marco second chance

Georgia broke down in tears when he ran into her arms, able to see for the first time ever.

marco second chance

Now that Marco could see, Georgia figured applications to adopt him would come pouring in.

But the perfect parent(s) never came along.


marco second chance

…Georgia’s wish finally came true, and she was about to say her bittersweet goodbye.

Ashley and Sara McGinley had donated to Marco’s medical funds and followed his story since the beginning.

After Marco’s surgery, the married couple also figured that he had been adopted. When they found out he was still looking for a family, however, they were elated.

marco second chance

Ashley and Sarah are looking forward to the many happy years to come.

So is Marco.

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