After A Week Apart, This Cute Otter Pup Is Re-Introduced To Its Family

In May of 2016, a six-week-old otter pup found himself all alone, suddenly separated from his family. While looking for his parents and siblings, the tiny pup fell into the canal and faced certain death.

Thankfully, a retiree named Patrick rescued the little guy and placed him back into his holt — but it was too late. His family was gone. Lovingly named “ZooToby,” the otter was transferred to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) to be nursed and cared for by a team of wonderful veterinarians until he was ready to be re-introduced to his habitat. The team hoped ZooToby would be accepted back into his family.

The following video follows ZooToby’s journey back to his parents and siblings. It would take a team of 20 people to spot and track down ZooToby’s family, then wait for the perfect moment to release ZooToby — but would they be able to re-introduce them successfully? Watch the video to find out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to all the wonderful men and women who dedicate themselves to making sure our Animal Kingdom is happy and healthy.

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