Dad Breaks Down Sobbing When He Spots Dog Who’s Been Missing For 12 Days In Wife’s Car

Butterscotch, a family’s beloved dog, went missing for almost two weeks in 2015.

Luckily, after putting up dozens of missing posters, he was found safe and sound.

Butterscotch’s mom picked up the dog and decided to surprise the rest of her family with him — and recorded the whole thing.

“Look who I found,” she sing-says in the video. “Now, we’re on our way home to surprise daddy!”

As the mom gets closer to their house, she pans the camera out the driver-side window. “Daddy’s outside!” she told the dog.

Seconds later, the dad darts from the garage and into the street toward the car. He started to scream and ran straight to the car to the passenger side.

“What are you doing stupid?” he laughed at the dog as he pets his head.

“Open the door!” Mom told Dad. Once he does, Butterscotch leaps out of the car and his dad gives him a big hug while he cries into the dog’s fur.

After Dad spends some quality time catching up with his missing dog, the parents go inside to surprise their kids. Their older daughter jumps off the couch and embraces her dog in a big hug, no doubt ecstatic to be reunited with him.

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