Dog Leaps Out Of Truck Window And Frantically Charges At Dad He Hasn’t Seen In 10 Days

The dog in the clip below had an adorably emotional reaction outside an airport in São Paolo.

According to Alexsandro Ribeiro Marotte, his friend had been traveling abroad. While away, the friend left his beloved dog with Alexsandro to take care of.

After 10 days, Alexsandro went to pick his friend up from the airport with the dog in his passenger seat. As you can see at the beginning of the video, Alexsandro is outside the pickup truck, filming the moments before his friend returns.

Meanwhile, the pup remains inside the truck with his head sticking expectantly out the open window. A second later, he hears a man off-camera yell out in Portuguese.

As soon as he hears the voice, the dog launches himself out of the truck’s window as if he’s been shot out of a cannon! What commences is one of the most heartwarming reunions I’ve ever seen.

The dog’s dad stands on the sidewalk with his arms outstretched while the dog charges at him.

Now, if you’ve ever reunited with someone at the airport, you can probably imagine the sheer excitement and happiness that dog felt at seeing his dad again. Sure, they only spent 10 days apart, but this dog didn’t care. He was just thrilled to see his dad back home!

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