Cheetah Mom Gives Birth To Five Cubs At The Metro Richmond Zoo

Going to the zoo was always a treat for me when I was a child, and it still is as an adult! There are few things I find more fascinating than wild animals, especially the ones not native to my home.

Zoos are the places where I can watch and study some of the most beautiful animals on Earth, big and small, like pandas, seals, and lions!

The big cats are undoubtedly the most exciting ones to see.

Cheetahs are a personal favorite, and when I heard a cheetah at the Metro Richmond Zoo had given birth, I just had to see the footage for myself. I would never pass up a chance to see the adorable babies, especially so soon out of the womb when they seem to be the tiniest creatures.

In 2014, then 3-year-old Milani gave birth to five cubs over the span of over six hours. That’s quite a long time to be in labor!

A camera installed inside her pen captured the pregnant animal pacing around, trying to find a comfortable place to give birth.

One by one, the cubs are born. The miraculous event almost brings tears to our eyes! Every baby, human or animal, is a gift, and Milani gave the world five of them. What an amazing act to witness — even from afar!

Now watch the clip to see the little ones the keeper found by Mom’s side…

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