Dog Freezes When She Sees Her Favorite Toy Come To Life, Then She Freaks Out And Tackles Him

Dogs are so easily pleased.

They act like they just won the lottery every time you walk in the door after a long day at work, they freak out any time they hear the word cookie, and they can occupy themselves for hours with a measly bone or chew toy.

Plus, they make all of our lives better in the process. Their wagging tails, happy faces, and adorable cuddles get us through all of our rough days.

So, it’s pretty obvious that they deserve to get a bit of extra happiness once in a while.

Whether it’s a new toy, a special treat from a puppy bakery, or just some extra TLC, they deserve it all (and more.)

And now, we’re about to find out the perfect surprise for our best friends, thanks to this amazing dog dad.

This beautiful golden retriever you’re about to meet in the video below is absolutely in love with her toy Gumby. She’s even licking it as the video begins.

But it’s pretty tiny, so her dad decides to dress up in a Gumby costume.

As you all can imagine, the reaction is absolutely phenomenal. And I think it’s safe to say that we’d all love it if our favorite toys came to life at some point in our lives.

As she notices him walk in the room, she freezes and slowly gets up, as if in a love scene from a movie.

Then, once she realizes it’s safe, she goes absolutely nuts! I cannot imagine a better way to repay your pup for all of the times they’ve given you. What do you think?

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