Pregnant Tiger Mom Stuns Keepers When Second Cub Starts Coming Just Minutes After First Is Born

To witness an animal giving birth is a privilege not many of us will get to experience in our lifetime, but to see one on tape is still very exciting. Perhaps, we sometimes underestimate the beauty of the event: A mom, after months of carrying her baby or babies, finally gives life — it’s an everyday miracle!

If you live close to forests or the woods, seeing animals like a moose or deer may be common, and you can possibly catch the births of their babies on camera if you’re lucky! But animals not native to our country and in zoos often give birth in private enclosures. But now, we’re getting a peek into how a tiger mom gives life.

The mama tiger pushes out her little one as a keeper looks on. Others patiently watch with the help of a live camera feed from the enclosure. Everyone is over the moon with the new arrival, but it’s not long before concern settles in: It’s been two minutes, and the baby isn’t breathing despite Mom’s best efforts. The keepers hear a squeak or two, but they fear that they will have to intervene, or that the baby will die.

Finally, the little one shows a sign a life, and all the witness are relieved! But the day isn’t over: The cub’s twin is on his way…

Now, watch the clip to see how the second baby fares!

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