The 5 Tricks Behind Raising Your Cat To Be More Friendly

When it comes to cats, there are particular breeds that are much friendlier than others.  However, there are some simple steps you can take to help your cat feel comfortable and allow their lovable, friendly personalities to flourish. It’s best to start when they are a kitten. Here are some helpful tips on how to raise a friendly cat:

cat training

1. It begins with gentle handling

Cats become scared if you don’t handle them with care, and this is especially true for kittens and younger cats. It’s important to show them TLC and be extra gentle with them while handling. If you prove to your cat that we humans are trustworthy and kind they are likely to be much more responsive and crave your attention in return.


2. Teach them to come when you call them

Cats are clever animals that have no problem recognizing their names after a bit of repetition. Practice calling them by name, and when they come to you, reward them with a treat. Cats that come on command aren’t shy and enjoy being around people. 


3. Introduce your kitten/cat to feline-friendly dogs

The younger your cat is when you introduce them to a cat-friendly dog,  the better it is for them to learn to get along. Most cats are naturally afraid of dogs, and some are due to bad experiences. If you have a dog in your home, try socializing your kitten/cat around a dog that doesn’t mind kitties.


4. Keep kitty close to you

In the first few months, it’s important to maintain a healthy presence for your kitten and not leave him alone too much. Cats are independent and can be aloof by nature, but it’s necessary for their social development to be interactive with them and show them lots of attention. 


5. Be affectionate with your cat

When it’s time to show him affection, carefully pick them up and pull them close to you, stroking their fur and treating them like you would a baby. Showing your cat that human interaction is perfectly safe will help them develop trust and will work to create a strong bond between you and your cat. 


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