Frantic Mother Goose Chases Down 2 Cops, Then Leads Them To Baby Trapped By Balloon String

We know that if we need help or any kind of assistance, our community’s police officers are there. Of course, this means that they should be called for emergencies only, but they don’t hesitate to show up even for the silliest of incidences! This dedicated officer showed up at a little girl’s door all because the child couldn’t put her pants on.

But it seems that it’s not only humans who know that cops can offer a helping hand. Cincinnati police officers were shocked to see — and hear — a mother goose tapping on the door of their cruiser when these animals normally don’t go anywhere near humans. So they got out of their car and followed the animal…

The mother fowl led Officers Cecilia Charron and James Givens to one of her goslings, who was tied up in the string of a balloon.

They promptly called animal services, who were unable to lend them assistance. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Officer Charron patiently worked on releasing the tiny bird while the frantic mother looked on and her colleague filmed.

Now watch until the end to see the baby bird scamper off with his brothers and sisters!

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