Dog Lets Loose The Moment She Hears Michael Jackson On The Radio With Her Mom

I’ve been in the situation where, I’ll hear a song and it moves me to sing along — multiple times, for that matter.

This dog fell asleep trying to keep up with his mom singing a lullaby. But when Michael Jackson comes on in the video below, rescue dog Honey completely loses it, so nobody could fall asleep!

Honey is riding in the car with his mom Melissa. The pup is calmly sitting in the passenger seat when Melissa sets up the camera on the car’s dashboard.

She turns on the radio and immediately smiles, and you can tell she knows exactly what’s about to happen.

The second the light melody of Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” starts playing, Honey completely loses it.

She takes a deep breath, cranes her neck back, and begins to howl along to the song in relentless fashion.

Oh yes. Honey, the dog sings along to Michael Jackson.

It’s one thing for the dog to recognize the voice in the song, it’s another thing for her to recognize the beginning notes of it!

Just goes to show you how smart dogs truly are.

Even though Honey drowns her out with her howling, Melissa joins in singing, but eventually, she can’t keep a straight face anymore.

Unfortunately, the video ends just when it seems as though Honey has gotten her initial excitement out, but we hope she will continue to serenade the world with her awesome tunes.

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