When Police See A Stray Dog Run Onto Highway, They Jump Into Action To Help…

Lexi, a German Shepherd, was recently lost and stumbled onto the I-495 highway in Massachusetts. Not only was Lexi lost, but she put herself in a very dangerous situation. Cars driving on the highway did everything they could to avoid hitting her.  That’s when the police stepped in.

police save dog

In this day and age, you hear so many negative things about police officers in the news.  We think it’s about time you bring the good things police officers do, to light. For example, these police officers that did everything in their power in order to save one of our furry friends.


The officers closed all the highway lanes, and slowly made their way over to Lexi, gently coaxing her into one of their police cars.How did they coax her into the car?  One of the police officers had a bar of granola in their car, which, as it turned out, is one of Lexi’s favorite treats. It didn’t take long for Lexi and the police officers to become friends.


Thank goodness for the police officers’ patience and determination.  Lexi was delivered to her owners safe and sound! 


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