Blind Pit Bull Rescued From Life In A Junkyard

Duncan, a 12-year-old blind pit bull, wandered into a junkyard one day. He crawled under a dumpster and lay down, tired and defeated. When an employee noticed him, he quickly brought the poor senior dog some food and water. The employee did not realize that Duncan was blind and in terrible condition. Her boss wanted to call animal control, but she knew he probably wouldn’t last long in a public shelter so she contacted a rescue.

blind pitbull in junkyard

Hope for Paws rushed out to the junkyard to save Duncan. They offered him some more food, but the sweet old dog was so disoriented and confused. His rescuers knew it would be best to get him out of there as quickly as possible.

blind pitbull in junkyard

So they slipped a leash around his neck …

blind pitbull in junkyard

… and being old, blind and sick, Duncan didn’t object and let his rescuers slowly pull him out from under the dumpster.

Watch this heartwarming rescue in the video below.

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