22 Mixed-Breed Dogs You’ve Never Seen Before

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, arguably more than any other species in the world! For the last thousands of years, we’ve bred dogs to create breeds with different colors, coats, shapes, and sizes. Lately, mixed-breed dogs are everywhere!

Take a look at these 22 adorable dog cross-breeds below.

1. This is a Pitsky (Pit Bull & Husky). Look at those mesmerizing eyes!

2. Golden Husky – Golden Retriever Husky

3. A Corgipoo! (Toy Poodle & Corgi)

4. Meet the Basset Pei (Basset Hound & Shar Pei)

5. Isn’t the Schörgi adorable? (Corgi & Sheltie)

6. The German Chow! (Chow Chow & German Shepherd)

7. The Schnoodle (Schnauzer & Poodle)

8. It’s a Bullpug! (English Bulldog & Pug)

9. Aww, a Horgi! (Husky & Corgi)

10. Oh my goodness! A Bulldog Shepherd (English Bulldog & German Shepherd)

11. A German Pei (German Shepherd & Shar Pei)