22 Mixed-Breed Dogs You’ve Never Seen Before

12. Don’t you just love the Pomski? (Pomeranian & Husky)

13. Aww, a Cocker Pei. (Shar Pei & Cocker Spaniel)

14. Meet the German Beagle (Beagle & German Shepherd)

15. Doh, the Yorkipoo! (Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle)

16. Don’t you just love the name: Sheporgi? (German Shepherd & Corgi)

17. It’s not a pug, it’s a Chug! (Pug & Chihuahua)

18. Half Dalmatian. Half Dachshund. Adorable!

19. The Chusky! (Chow Chow & Husky)

20. Dalcorgi. (Corgi & Dalmation)

21. Aww, a Golden Dachshund (Golden Retriever & Dachshund)

22. This Cheagle melts my heart! (Chihuahua & Beagle)

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