Vet Preps This Paralyzed Dog To Be Put Down And Then Notices Something Behind His Ear

A fun camping trip with your dog could end in tragedy, as one Oregon couple found out the hard way. By understanding what happened to their beloved Collie named Ollie, you may be able to avoid a similarly frightening episode with your own pets.

tick paralysis
It started when not long after returning home, Ollie, who is considered a senior canine at age 10, started to seem not quite himself. In particular, he seemed sluggish and had some trouble walking. Being devoted pet parents, his family took him straight to the vet, who was unable to pinpoint an exact cause for Ollie’s problems.

So the family took their dog home, but Ollie became even worse, and before they knew it, he couldn’t walk at all. Not knowing what was happening and not wanting to see their beloved pet suffer, they decided the best course of action was to euthanize Ollie. Heartbroken, they took him to the DoveLewis Animal ER and ICU Hospital in Portland.

There, two young vets were ready to put Ollie down, but first, one of them, Neena Golden, happened to scratch Ollie’s ears. Feeling a lump, she explored further and discovered, upon further examination, what turned out to be a tick that the dog must have picked up on the family’s camping trip.

tick paralysisWhat Ollie had contracted, Neena Golden realized, was “tick paralysis,” a neurological condition caused by the insect’s saliva. All the vet had to do was pull off the tick and then she shaved Ollie to be able to ascertain that no other similar critters were hiding under his heavy coat.

While the reversal wasn’t instant, it was pretty close: in less than 12 hours, Ollie had returned to being his usual fun, peppy self.

Thank goodness for vets with a keen eye, and thank goodness for a happy ending for this story, which could have ended in tragedy. Please keep a close eye on your pets when on camping trips, and check them thoroughly after you leave to catch any ticks that might have slipped through.

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