Water Snake Climbs Out Of Pond And Does Something Unusual

Most people don’t mistake the sound of a snake as it hisses in response to someone walking up on it as this is the animal’s line of defense. There are some who don’t feel comfortable around snakes while there are others who have them as pets in the home. An older man walked out onto his dock one day and got the surprise of his life.

The video of the man and the snake is taking the internet world by storm. Many people are surprised by what the snake does to the man when he stands on the dock. His reaction is also priceless and is one of the things that have viewers talking.

The man could be considered a snake charmer because of how he acted with the watersnake. When the man goes to the end of the dock, you can see the snake in the water. The snake swims in the water and seems to evade the man. Soon, the snake slithers up onto the end of the dock. The man is holding a piece of food in his hand, and the snake begins to eat out of his hand. He even calls the snake pretty. After the snake eats his food, it slithers back into the water.


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