New York City Cop Spots A Pit Bull In Distress, He Changes The Dog’s Life Forever

“New York’s Finest” – as the Big Apple’s police force is referred to – and pit bulls have a lot in common when you think about it.

They may have reputations for being very tough, but both the men and the canines are really softies underneath their brusque exteriors. Which may be why one adorable pit bull puppy and one young New York cop felt an almost instant affinity for each other.

It all began when Officer Josh Sailor of the NYPD’s Queens unit 113 came upon a building that had been abandoned last fall. Locked behind a heavy iron security gate, and chained so tightly to the gate that she could barely move, was a gray and white pit bull puppy, so starved that her ribs and hip bones were very visible through her fur.

The dog had no food or water and had even taken to eating one of the walls (or trying to) in an effort to get anything into her hungry belly. As his Queens police unit were all animal lovers, they guys quickly released and saved the dog – who was later to be named Mila – and the way that she looked gratefully up at Sailor gripped his heart.

Although she immediately went to the ASPCA for medical care, Sailor maintained contact with her, and once she was ready to be released, he immediately adopted her. The funny thing was, it wasn’t clear who was more excited at their reunion: the cop or the pit bull.

“She 100 percent needed me, but I 100 percent needed her too,” Sailor told the New York Daily News. ““It was like when you wake up on Christmas morning as a little kid.”

It’s been a fairytale ending indeed for two breeds who are far too often unfairly maligned these days: police officers and pit bulls.

Sailor says that he and his men won’t hesitate to save any other animals in distress they may come across, at Christmas, or any other time of year as well.



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