They Rescue Street Dog With Mange From Underneath Car, Are Surprised By Her Demeanor…

When Animal Aid Unlimited received a call on their hotline about a street dog suffering from advanced mange, they knew they had to act fast. If they did not get to her in time, her condition could become too severe to treat.

The team set out immediately in hopes of making a quick rescue. When rescuers got to her location, they found the hairless stray hiding underneath of a car. It took a little bit of sweet talking and a handful of treats, lure the dog out into the open. Her face was covered in scabs, it was the rest of her body that caught their attention, she had lost all of her fur.

Despite her disease, she was full of love and her tail never stopped wagging! She allowed rescuers to pick her up and take her back to the facilities.

The good news is, her mange was not beyond repair. Her treatment would take three to four weeks, but they expected the dog to make a full recovery. The vets gave her IV fluids and applied a lotion to soothe the scabs on her face. Then it was medicated baths twice a week for the sweet little patient.

Watch Pepper’s beautiful transformation!

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