She Opens The Door To Retrieve A Package And Gets An Unexpected Feline Visitor Too…

When his wife answered the door, she thought it was just for a package delivery.

“Yesterday morning, my wife answered the door to accept a UPS package when this kitty just walks in and makes herself at home. We think she’s a stray, but we still put up some signs. Meet Zelda, our new kitty if no one calls to claim her.”

special delivery cat

Not wanting to keep someone’s pet, they posted signs around the neighborhood to see if she belonged to anyone, but received no calls. “We live in an apartment complex in a pretty dense neighborhood with A TON of stray cats. (My sister is) a vet and said that our local SPCA picks up strays, fixes them, then drops them back off in their ZIP code,” Zelda’s new owner said in an article by LoveMeow.

special delivery cat

Since Zelda wandered into their house a month ago and no one has claimed her, the couple are happy to provide her with a forever home.


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