Mom Is Surprised When The Family Dog Covers Their Baby With Blanket For Nap Time

Dogs and children share a special bond that cannot be broken. It usually forms over time, but for this particular dog and child, it did not take long at all. It began almost immediately.

Babies cannot do much more than sleep, eat and cry. The baby in this video is taking a nap. However, there was a problem; the baby had no blankets to keep her warm.

That is when the bond between the baby and dog come into action.

dog covers baby with blanket

While the baby was laying on the bed, the family’s miniature pinscher walked up to the baby and saw that something was severely wrong.

Instead of just laying down next to the baby, the dog decided to get the blanket and tug on it. The dog then pulled the blanket over the baby, covering her up.

He gently pushed the blanket up all around the baby.

dog covers baby with blanket


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