Shelter Assembled A Special Room To Give Lonely Dogs A Chance To See What Home Feels Like

Dogs at the shelter get to take some time away from their kennels and enjoy some time in this new room. One shelter staff member said they put a recliner, a rug, a TV, and some pillows in the room. The lamp in the corner allows them to turn off the harsh fluorescent lights to create a more soothing atmosphere.
shelter dog special room

This room helps dogs who are having trouble adapting to life behind the bars in their kennels. Getting a chance to spend time where it is quiet and roomy provides a nice break for the dogs and they get the opportunity to relax.
shelter dog special room

Shelter volunteers said that it gives them a chance to see what the dog’s personality is rally like. and it lets them know how the dog would react in a home. The Real Life Room has only been in use for a few weeks at the Toledo Area Humane Society’s new facility. The staff is very happy to have the new room at the shelter.
shelter dog special room

The staffer said that they have had several animals get adopted shortly after having been in the room. Remember, don’t shop – adopt.


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