Rescuers Find Stray Pit Bull On Side Of The Road, Then Realize She’s Hiding 10-Day-Old Kitten

In the animal world, pit bulls are often considered “dangerous” dogs. But I believe like almost anything, a pit bull is only dangerous if it’s raised to be that way.

If an owner never gives their pet any love and abuses them, it isn’t uncommon for them to show aggression.

But there are so many pit bulls in the world who prove that these creatures are naturally sweet. The more that sweetness is embraced, the kinder they are.

The Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, TX, got to experience that firsthand when a stray pit bull was brought in to be checked out.

The pit bull, nicknamed Pittie, was brought in and it appeared she’d recently given birth, as she had hanging mammary glands that could be nursed from.

And when Pittie was found on the side of the road, an animal was nursing from her: a tiny kitten!

The rescuers believed the kitten, aptly named Kitty, was only about 2 days old. But after being checked out, it was confirmed she wasn’t older than 10 days.

In the video below, Pittie shows how much she loves Kitty, cleaning her off and snuggling her to her face as Kitty is being fed. It’s so heartwarming to watch!

If you need more proof that pit bulls are loving, nurturing creatures, you will also love this video of a pit bull surprising his owner when he adopts a tiny kitten.

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